Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

Saint Paul

Bruce Vento Park

Located just east of Saint Paul’s Lower Town, Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary is built on the flood plain where Phalen Creek and Trout Brook met and flowed into the Mississippi river. Through the late 19th century and for most of the 20th century the area was dominated by rail yards and industry. By the 1970’s the area had been abandoned, heavily polluted, and would lay unused for decades.

In 2005 the nature sanctuary was established to help restore the native prairie, floodplain forest, and oak woodland plant communities, and create valuable green space adjacent to down Saint Paul. Today many of the area's spring and creek fed wetlands have been restored, and the area is home to many species of birds like bald eagles, redtail hawks, and blue heron.

As work continues to reconnect the park and surrounding neighborhoods to the Mississippi, Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary is quickly becoming one of the premier places to celebrate the areas past, present, and future.

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