Irvine Park

Saint Paul

Laid out in 1849 by John Irvine and Henry Mower Rice, Irvine Park was originally used as pasture for grazing. Designed as a town square-style park in the 1870s. Over the years the park was surrounded by the homes of some of the richest, most influential people in the history of Saint Paul. By the mid-twentieth century the area had fallen on hard times and was home to rooming houses. Community and civic action helped to preserve the park and many of the surrounding homes.

Today the park is the centerpiece of a historic district and maintains the ambience of a nineteenth century town square. This may help to explain why the park is one of the most popular locations in Saint Paul for weddings. If you are in the W 7th St and Kellogg Ave area of Saint Paul then stop by this hidden gem.

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