Jesse Starbuck
Wed Design Graphic Design


Jesse has always been interested in graphic and visual arts. From a young age he has been interested in the appearance of the things around him, and has been driven by a curiosity about why and how the designed world has taken the forms it has. Later, as a fan of comic book art, he was interested in how to tell stories through a graphic medium. This progressed through photography and filmmaking.

All of these strings have come together in web and graphic design. Jesse believes strongly that a positive user experience comes as much from how a web site functions as from its appearance. His ability to visualize a project from start to finish, combined with a deep understanding of the concepts and history of design, help him create work that users will enjoy, and return to again and again.

Jesse has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from the University of Minnesota as well as an AS in Filmmaking from Minneapolis Community College. Currently he is finishing an AA in Web and Interactive Media at Minneapolis Community College.


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Graphic Design